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Welcome to the Smart Common Input Method (SCIM) platform project, which provides not only a user friendly, full featured input method user interface for POSIX-style operating systems (including Linux, FreeBSD and other Unix), but also a development platform to make input method development easier.

Currently the SCIM project has a wide range of input methods (some may need other libraries), covering more than 30 languages, including (Simplified/Traditional) Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many European languages. Composing/Dead key support is also one of the built-in features. In addition, several projects have been established to design IMEngines for SCIM and others supply their own SCIM plugins.

Latest News

kmfl 0.5 is released

Keyboard Mapping for Linux (KMFL) is a keyboarding input method currently being developed under Linux which aims to bring Tavultesoft Keyman functionality to *nix operating systems. 

scim 1.2.2 is released

A minor bug fix version for latest stable branch is released.

scim-qtimm 0.8.9 is available

A bug fix release with some important improvements of scim-qtimm is available for downloading.

FAQ section of wiki implemention is completed


The FAQ section, as the second stage of the Wiki part implementation, was just finished. Please do not hesitate to contribute. In addition, a privilege bug of this site was fixed and a new online survey question was published. A new preview screen shot of next skim release demonstrating transparent feature was uploaded too.

skim 1.2.2 has been released


Another bug fix version arrives. This time GUI appearance is the focus of this release and you will see a longer than usual change log list. Several improvements were also incorporated in this release. What's more, the scheduled features for next major release 1.3.0 will be proposed here too.

scim-input-pad 0.1.0 has been released.

It's the first stable version. Ready to be included into distributions.

First Stage of Wiki Implementation is Finished

editor_in_action image

Documentation is one of the most wanted missing materials for SCIM project, so the first stage of Wiki section in this site is to implement a collaberative documentation area. Now this task has been fulfilled and here we go!

skim 1.2.1 is announced

This is a major bug fix release, everyone are highly recommanded to upgrade from previous version. 

scim 1.2.1 has been released.

It's a minor bugfix version. If you are using 1.2.0 without any problem, then upgrading to 1.2.1 is not necessary.

scim input pad 0.0.3 has been released.

SCIM Input Pad

It's a new unstable version of scim-input-pad, some new features were added. If there is no new feature request, I'll release the first stable version 0.1.0 very soon.