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Features & Goals

The SCIM project has already achieved a lot of features and the design and implementation of SCIM project are following the goals we are pursuing.


  • Fully Object Oriented structure written in C++.
  • Highly modularized.
  • Very flexible architecture, can be used as a dynamically loaded library as well as a C/S input method environment.
  • Simple programming interface.
  • Fully i18n support with UCS-4/UTF-8 encoding.
  • Include many handy utility functions to speedup the development.
  • GUI Panel with very rich features.
  • Unified configuration framework.

The goal of SCIM:

  • Act as an unified frontend for current available input method libraries. Currently bindings to uim and m17n library are available.
  • Act as a language engine of IIIMF input method framework (TBD).
  • Provide as many native IMEngines as possible.
  • Support as many input method protocol/interface as possible.
  • Support as many operating systems as possible.