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IMEngines News

Latest updates of the various IMEngines (Input Methods) for SCIM.

scim-hangul 0.4.0 has been released

scim-hangul 0.4.0 has been released

Compiling an installing SCIM or SKIM by hand.

If you want to compile and install SCIM or SKIM by hand instead of using packages profided by your distributor. Do not forget to install also the package of scim-tables.
This is important because otherwise the program will do much work without the language-tables.
I write this because I noticed that SCIM is downloaded much more than SCIM-tables.

scim-input-pad- has been released

This release repaired the bootstrap and the compile with
The last release had problems with it, I think that it works now.
The last release added more then 40 tables to the input-pad.

scim-tables 0.5.10 released

This release improves three existing tables and ads twelve new tables.

New IMEngin bring SCIM to python world

Thanks to shawn.p.huang, a python wrapper for SCIM is available now which is called scim-python. With the help of this binding, besides C++, it is now possible to write your input method in python.

scim-hangul 0.3.2 has been released

scim-hangul 0.3.2 has been released

scim-uim-0.2.0 released

Fixed some compile errors.

scim-hangul 0.3.1 released

scim-hangul 0.3.1 released.

scim-hangul 0.3.0 released.

scim-hangul 0.3.0 released.