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Upgrade to eZ publish 3.8 is sucessfully accomplished

The planned upgrade of SCIM project official website from eZ publish 3.5 to latest stable version 3.8 is successfully finished. Several new or improved features are implemented. The most important upgrade is the adoption of SJSD.

Besides all the new features introduced in eZ publish 3.8, SJSD is adopted as the replacement for the old xmlarea plugin for eZ publish. If you are a registered user, you can see it in action and play around in the sandbox. Of course its main purpose is for you to contribute to our wiki.

A javascript enabled top navigation menu is deployed as well. It also has fallback mechanism so that it works even without javascript. This top menu is a modified version from the official site of eZ publish.

A sitemap is also implemented, you can access it with the last button in the top menu.

I plan to add an aggregation of public weblogs about SCIM in further update of this website. If you are working on SCIM or related stuffs and have a weblogs, please make your interest heard here our in our mailing list.

BTW: In case you don't know, I just setup my own blog yesterday.


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