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This is the Qt input module plugin for SCIM.

The latest version works with qt-immodule unified (BC) patch (>= qt-x11-immodule-unified-qt3.3.3-20040910).

Introduction to immodule for Qt

immodule for Qt is a modular, extensible input method subsystem for Qt.

It brings functionality similar to the immodule for GTK+ to the Qt library. The main goal is to extend and enhance the input method support in the Qt library, in order to provide a modern and powerful multi-language input system.

Current Status of immodule for Qt

Due to version policy, Trolltech won't incorporate immodule support in Qt 3.3.x. However, this would be a standard built-in feature for Qt 4. In fact, Qt 4-beta2 already includes it.
As for Qt 3.3, you can apply the immodule patch. Some distros (gentoo, SuSE) already do that for you.

Benifits of immodule

With immodule, you will have a much robust desktop environment: any crash or restart of input method platform (or server) will crash any of your running Qt based applications. In addition, you can choose immodule plugins via a context menu action.


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