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18/03/2005 2:40:06 am
by Cougar Liu

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19/05/2005 3:38:40 pm
by William J Beksi


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Installation and Configuration

This chapter describes how to obtain, install and configure SCIM on your system. In addition, it also describes how to upgrade or remove an existing SCIM installation.

First, you have to install scim (which includes libscim, the core and GTK+ GUIs). It is necessary to have GTK+ installed on your system to run scim . Optionally, you can install skim for KDE/Qt based GUIs.

After that, you will need to install your preferred input method, please look at the IMEngines list.

The content of this chapter is divided into several sections, each of which describes a specific Linux distribution. If you do not find yours listed, then please consult the page All which is written as generic as possible for all *nix systems.


Ubuntu / Kubuntu

Instructions for how to set up scim on Ubuntu/Kubuntu distributions.